Hello There!

My name is Mac Cortez! I’m the author, editor, blogger, and manager of The Slashing Panda. Thanks for stopping by and checking out what we have on this site.   If you would like to contact me the please click on the email icon on the top right or shoot me an email: MacCortez9876@gmail.com.  Below are some general questions and answers about my website for you to enjoy.

Thanks for reading!

So why did I make this blog?

It’s fairly simple – I wanted a place to talk about the things that really interests me such as book, movies, video games, and tech.  Additionally, my goal is to provide you with some insight and things I’ve done to solve practical problems that I have dealt with in my own life.

Is this website monetized?

The short answer is yes but only through the links that are provided.  As of March 2018, we do not have any ads on this site, nor any shady cryptocurrency mining scripts in the background.  The hosting of this site is 100% dependent on the readers and followers, so if you would like to support the hosting of this site – please use the generated amazon links to support us!

Why does it have a goofy url?

The url is different than the blog title because it was give to me by a friend, Tony Florida.  Check out his blog where you can learn all about the stuff he is interested in.