Facebook Personal Data Lookup: Find Out What Facebook Has On You!

Facebook Personal Data Policies in regards to Personal Privacy have been in the news a lot – like a really big amount lately.  I was browsing Facebook today (oh the irony) and found this article on how to lookup what Personal Data Facebook has on you!  So I decided to check up on what good ol’ FB has on me (Just FYI, King Kong ain’t got nothing on me!).  As an investor in $FB stock, the new policies that Mark and co. decide to role out obviously effects the price of the stock – as you should know from Jim Carmer’s investing 101 – know your company!  Thankfully I was able to find this article without losing internet connection.  Also, since we are on the topic of Personal Data, for those that want to learn more about me, check the “about Mac” tab.

Here are the steps to find out what Personal Data facebook has on you!
  • Log into Account
  • Click Downward Pointing Triangle in Top Left
  • Click “Settings” in Drop Down Menu
  • Select “General”
  • Click “Download Copy of your Facebook Data”
  • Type in Password
  • Facebook will send you a download link in a short time (it took mine 5 minutes to be sent to me)
  • Open Link and Download .zip File

What Did I Find in My Facebook Personal Data Copy?

Well it’s kind of a mixed bag, but not as scandalous as you may think.  It looks like Facebook compiles everything that you’ve ever uploaded, posted, and shared on Facebook and also sent via FB messages – this includes: pictures, videos, gifs, and messages.  Of all those things, the only thing that was slightly shocking to me (there is more shocking stuff below) was the messages that were archived and the data.  In this instance, I’m sure the shock factor came from reading through chats I haven’t seen for years (A lot of Fantasy football League Chats)! Realistically if you took the time to arduously post pictures and videos on Facebook then you should remember its there.  Fantasy Football League Facebook Chat from 2011

But the true surprises await in the html tab of your Facebook Personal Data copy.  Within this sub directory were the phone numbers of all your facebook friends, who I guess use the mobile app and linked their cell phone number (Obviously, I won’t show this but check yours out!). In addition to a file that showed all the ads you clicked!  While not overly disturbing to me, it does make me think about what information Facebook has on me.  Facebook Personal Data Ads History

Bottom Line:

There really shouldn’t be anything shocking in your Facebook Personal Data copy unless you’ve forgotten what you put on facebook. But it really does make you think about what you should post on “the facebook” and how much access you should give the mobile app.

Original Article Posted on IFL Science! by Jonathan O`Callaghan

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