The Road to Hana

Acai Bowl on the Road to Hana
Acai Bowl on the Road to Hana

Today I wanted to tell you about my travels on the Road to Hana located in Maui.  For those that have never heard of the Road to Hana before it is a magical, windy, 1 lane road that stretches around the entire west coast of the island of Maui.   The Road begins in a rain forest setting and eventually turns into an arid and dry volcanic landscape.  I was lucky enough to go there for my honeymoon last August and along the way I was able to record at all the stops we took.  So here’s my video of that day – it was very tiring but so much fun!  If you are planning a trip to Maui I highly recommend the book below and also this other one.  Check out the video below!

If you’re interested in the camera stuff I used to make this video, here are the links to see what I used:

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